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Feb 21 Kettle Moraine North

Feb 21st: 66 days to AZDPCTKO

Today I got a very late start out of Milwaukee. Coco, our puggle, wouldn’t sleep last night and woke us up every two hours to go outside and was clearly not feeling well. This morning I took her to the vet and it turns out she had a slight urinary tract infection – hence the need to go out every few hours. A little antibiotics twice a day ands pain killer to relieve the urge to pee and she was back to her old self. But, I lost a few hours in the process.

So, after running some errands, doing last minute packing, driving to Kewaskum, and stopping at the ranger station to get my camping pass, I didn’t arrive at the trailhead until 3:00pm. That kind of blew my hopes for a high mileage day but at least I could get some in before sundown.

I started at The Mauthe Lake campground and then went north following the Ice Age Trail. It was a beautiful crisp winter afternoon. The snow and rain from this morning gradually gave way to clear skies and a slight breeze with temperatures in the mid 30’s.

I made really good time and averaged just over 3mph with speeds over 4mph on the flats. In addition to my conditioning improving, I decided to try trail runners today with Yak Trax for increased traction. It was a huge improvement over my Asolo Fugitive boots. Faster, lighter, and better traction. I’m getting sold on the idea of trail runners for the PCT.

This was my first time on this section of the trail and I wasn’t disappointed. Rolling hills, wide open fields, and a few bridges over partially frozen streams.

After 5 miles I reach the turnoff to shelter #3. Since it was already 5:00 with 30 minutes until sundown and shelter #4 was another 6.5 miles, I decided to call it a day.

As I approached, a guy came out of the shelter. I didn’t expect company on a cold and windy Tuesday night but I was looking forward to seeing who else had such a great idea!

Theo is in his late twenties and just got out of the army last week. He was an instructor for wilderness survival and is taking advantage of some free time before starting work. He had arrived a bit earlier and had already built a fire. We talked while I boiled water for my freeze dried spaghetti with meatballs. Mmmmmm!

We stayed up talking and enjoying the fire until about 9 and then turned in for the night. He’s staying in a bivy bag in the shelter and I’ll stay in my MSR Hubba nearby. The Hubba is a lightweight three-season tent not really made for winter camping. The rainfly doesn’t reach the ground so any breeze can make it inside. Good for ventilation – bad in the winter since my bag is not very wind-proof. Tonight I’m using my Mountain Hardware 32° bag with a Thermolite Reactor liner that is supposed to add another 25° of warmth. I built a small snow wall on the windward side under the rainfly and so far its working well. The breeze has picked back up but I have’t felt any in the tent yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

We’ll see how the system worked in the morning.










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Picking up the RV

A late escape from the office and a record-breaking dash from Milwaukee to Madison and I’m on time to pick up the RV. After an hour long checkout lesson and a quick driving test around the block and it’s ours for the next two weeks.

Now, just have to load up our gear and wait for Yammel to arrive.


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